John J Presley

IF you fancy a bit of Nick Cave and Alison Mosshart (I know I do), then look no further than Britain's answer to the deities of moody roughened scuzz, John J Presley. Even his name is dabbling with music royalty, proving this guy is certainly going to have a colourful career. 

Sharing the stage with The Amazing Snakeheads and Spring King as a part of XFM's X-Posure catalogue down at Barfly will be no challenge for the congenial songwriter who is seemingly a regular around the Camden crawl - not to mention the underground hideouts dotted around the Isle. After receiving airplay on the likes of Radio 1, XFM and Kerrang!, it certainly seems Presley's adulterous slither is becoming a cool necessity on Britain's notoriously vulnerable airwaves.

The latest sonorous offering, 'Left', has most definitely acted as a catalyst for his unrivalled success. Due for release through Killing Moon Records on 26th May, 'Left' has attracted DJ's such as, Zane Lowe and John Kennedy to comment on the silky robustness of Presley's work.

The track is most definitely one in which could bask in glory for many years to come - big, mean and angry, the tune hungers for dark souls to come dance in the darkened beat that introduces the track. Mimicking the devil's call, a hearty beat allows electricity to possess Presley's enigmatic strain. Contemplating lightning bolts hook onto the guitar, bewitching the tone and capability, echoing the procurement of before. Matched by a forever buzzing bass, we could mistakenly believe this was the doing of Jack White or Tom Waits... Indeed, it sounds plausible, however Presley's own cryptic language creeps around the perimeter, seeping nonchalantly within. This is his, forever trapped in an encapsulating gaze of tempestuous tone, perilously living on the edge of sure madness.


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