Broken Men

IMAGINE a smartly dressed, beard beguiling Scouse quintet, flaunting tattoos, trouser braces and a joyous sprinkle of garage marvel. Well, The Music Manual presents to you Liverpool's hottest band of the moment - Broken Men.

Starting life back in 2012, the five lads have received undoubted support from the BBC both on introducing and 6 Music whilst also sharing the stage with the likes of Echo & The Bunnymen, Zane Lowe and Alt-J. If this wasn't enough, Broken Men have entertained a successful trip to Europe, spreading their gratifying tone in domino theory fashion.

This Thursday see's the official release of their adept tune, 'Sleepwalking'. The track was exclusively released for Liverpool's Threshold festival to only then be 'hid away' for the grand reveal on 1st May. And that's not all, as we have been promised a brand spanking new music video - something of which avid fans will be eagerly awaiting due to the ambiguous tales of previous instalments.

Holding an overwhelming feel-good party vibe, 'Sleepwalking' possesses everything within its path, taking in all the monstrosities only to then convert them into a completely reformed carefree being. Critics may disapprove of the jaunty song collection, however, we can't exactly live in a world of continuous dark drab now can we? Executing the introduction to gold-tipped perfection with hearty beats and ever-growing bass lines progressing into a guitar fuelled adulterous slur, is something Broken Men do in their sleep. Initiating drunken flying arms and falling about in joyous momentum, audiences everywhere embrace the jovial, big band invitation, enjoying a commercially exquisite set of vocality, indeed ensuring that mass markets will be begging for this fivesome to grab the industry by the scruff of its neck and drag it into the 21st century.

This week is also set to be a surely attractive one for Broken Men. With three live sets during Liverpool's Sound City Festival, two opening and closing the extravaganza whilst one is a part of The Velvet Underground covers show. If you can't catch them then, not to worry, you'll have plenty of other chances, especially in July, perhaps X&Y festival or even the Liverpool>Barcelona Festival... After being on our books for a while, The Music Manual finally managed to pin down the extremely busy quintet to find out more from behind the scenes...

How did the idea of Broken Men come about?

It was a pretty natural affair. Friends of friends sort of thing - ended up sharing a room with few other bands in the old picket building on Hardman Street, we occupied one of the old bars - it was ironic as it was the starting point for a lot of us. We all gigged there as teenagers so it was like fate we would rehearse and write from the same spot. It was cold and shite but it was like home yanno? After a while a few of the acts sort of morphed together and to become Broken Men shortly after this we moved into what become Milk:Studios on Bold Street - this is where we really got to work.

If you don't mind me saying, you've become sort of like a relic for Liverpool music, everyone raves about you, how'd you feel about this?
Relics! haha! We wouldn't say that, we've still got a lot of work to do! Its nice to hear that though because when your on the inside you don't really realise anythings happening. We've had some amazing reviews for our live sets and we love the reception we get, we thrive on it. Its all about the energy.
Going back to 'Oversold' and then your EP 'Dogmeat', do you feel perhaps the new material is going to sound different to what we expect?
The labels sort of ethos is that we - as humans - work in phases, we change and adapt to our surroundings and with age so the music will always change depending on mood and the vibe at that point in time - its a great way to work, there's no pressure to be a certain type of act, we just do what we want and when we want. Looking back, that whole E.P was a different us. We've just finished recording phase 2 & 3 so we're ahead of ourselves at the minute. They'll all be drip fed slowly over the coming months with the follow up to 'Sleepwalking' which will complete phase 2 and so on..
What's the story behind 1956 video?
Its confused everyone a little, that was the aim - we're currently working on a sort of prequel to it with The Outsider as its sound track, that will explain everything, its more of a short film with Johnny Miles directing. He's a real talent, he's been following us round for a year now making a documentary too! - Were also working on some stuff with Andrew AB, another Liverpool based director with an amazing eye. The next few music videos will carry a little story, gonna see it if people cotton on!
Is there a particular venue that you may favour a tiny bit over the others?
Well we basically live at District - its where the label is based now. Again comes the full circle as this was originally The Picket. Its insane how we have come around to end up yet again writing our new material in the place we all started out. Its poetic.
Do you ever get fed up of each other?
No you know... We weirdly get on, we hardly argue if not just bicker slightly. We're a real tight unit, we like to think we take a professional approach to what we do as well having a fucking ball whilst we do it. Playing in a ten piece band makes rehearsals a mini party, its pure gold.
You're signed to the brilliant Milk:Presents, how has Broken Men changed from not having a label to now being very much the golden child?
We basically started the label together! That's why we look like the golden kids haha- its a little bit of perception that keeps it looking like its ran from a separate source but really its us behind it all. Everything is done in house with our drummer running Milk as his full time job, putting on shows and parties at District and pushing the acts forward - The label has just took on two new signings at the start of this year which will be made public toward the end of summer so there's always plenty to keep an eye out for.
Now, we know Liverpool has an amazing music network, do you think this is rivalled at all by other cities?
Liverpool's fucking brilliant. Its currently peaking, its packed with absolute brilliance. The people, the venues, the promoters, the independence. Its like a collective. Everyone is knitted together in some way or other, everyone has worked with each other in one way or another. Its only a small place on the sly but its got a big attitude, its gets what it wants. I think every city has its turn but Liverpool for us is a cut above the rest but we're bias. Though Tom our guitarist may argue as he's from fuckin' Rossendale, he says it'll kick of there one day for sure!
Finally, what's the future for Broken Men, will you still be making good music in your 70's?
Nah - we'll never see the light of 70 years old but we'll keep going until one of us kills themselves or the equivalent - sell more records that way!


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