Go Fiasco

THIS time last year, The Music Manual bagged these lads for our launch gig, fast forward 12 months and we find a quartet who have blossomed into much more than any of us could have anticipated. 

After taking a trip into the wondrous world of studio life, these four lads have been reworking the old and recording the new. By allowing the sneaky release of  'Calm', this track has become a subtle hint towards the oncoming hurricane that is, Go Fiasco. 

'Calm' is horrendously addictive, whether it is the injection of front-man, Dan Duggan's astrological vocality or the chugging instrumental circulating the enigmatic empty vicinity of which the band have single-handedly created for themselves. Their own niche market targets completely jacked up 90's kids, throwing themselves around to the gloomy backdrop of grunge tainted alternativia, ever so attractive to the bustling underground music lovers of today. A ringing high pitch, kicks the anthem into motion, followed by savoury, penetrable beats from drummer, Liam Gardner, allowing bassist, Ben Murphy, to pursue the inexplicable thud with extreme caution, provoking a meaty, cardiovascular failure at the sound of intimidation. Providing another dimension, slightly more buoyant than other regarded features is lead guitarist, Jamie Roberts. Fancifully warping 'Calm' into a nest of uncertainty, almost most definitely spewing a tale of which listeners become uncontrollably head over heels for. It is this maturity that sends shivers down spines and it is this sound of which you must succumb to.

After a whirlwind couple of months, Go Fiasco have most definitely given The Music Manual many raised eyebrows and questions filled with curiosity. With plenty of exciting plans in the pipeline and supporting the likes of Ian McNabb whilst playing at Alan McGee's 359 night in previous weeks, we can pretty much say that Go Fiasco are definitely one of those bands that'll go from strength to god-like status in a matter of seconds, you just watch - you heard 'em here first!


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