The Jackobins

Courtesy of Jack McVann
FROM silent beginnings in 2013, The Jackobins are slowly crawling around the exterior of Liverpool's best kept musical secrets. Wondrously still possessing their bluesy, rock 'n' roll foundations many have fallen so hopelessly for in the city. 

In just sixth months, The Jackobins have indeed been very busy - as has their music, with it travelling to the ears of many a critic and underground clans, bearing gargantuan reviews and adoring followers. Now, more recently we have welcomed new bassist, Chris Marriott and drummer, Marc Terry to the line up and with this, the quintet have promised us a brand new release, their first track of 2014, 'The Otherside'. 

It was the 1st May when the news first dropped of The Jackobins rampant offering complete with a 20-second snippet of the track, allowing many to speculate whilst savouring the exemplary tune slithering from the studio.

Upon listening to The Otherside in full, glorified Manual fashion, an amazing maturity struck several chords compared to The Jackobins we are so dependable upon. Excruciatingly anthemic, sticky trickling guitar flicks from Veso Mihaylov use a true simplicity to captivate the listener, seducing a key formation to come and unlock the body of the track from a smothering grasp, moulding a brand new wave of invigorating surrealism with each and every contorted twist of joyous pandemonium. A beat of continuum follows the progressing lightning sparks of multi-various contingents that have become so encaspulating as audiences become sucked into this world of inescapable jubilance.  In good faith, the audience reach out for Dominic Bassnett's soulful vocality to solidify the uncontrollable instrumental capacity, most definitely pushing this track to sound like a bona fide chart topper, mixing festival season with honourable alternativia. 3.5/5


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