Sunstack Jones

IF heaven made a sound as sweet as summer's dewy-eyed drip, then that is where Sunstack Jones belong. The complex formation of the band is mainly Chris and Lorcan, yet, Richy and Dan make appearances and Klutz is one of the gang, confused? Well need not be, their sound is very much a physical phenomenon of which conveys ripe softness upon a hardened shell.

2011 is when the conveyor belt began, with Sunstack Jones paving the way for a new Liverpool sound, releasing debut LP, 'Surefire Ways To Sweeten The Mind' a year later. Their latest offering, single, 'I Bet I Could' made an appearance back in February, building suspense for brand new LP, 'Roam' to ingeniously pave the way in this Summer's local releases.

After securing our secret listen of 'Roam', the hypnagogic music artisans Sunstack Jones certainly opened up a can of dreamy empowerment. Full of genuine rhythm and body, the 10-track EP is certainly the gold disc among the platinum. Calling out to a mixture of demographics, allowing anyone to happily daze carelessly through the ultimate beach companion.

Heavily submerged within a stripped-back guitar essence, each track features a soft array of strings and slight ticking of beat, cleverly left ambiguously to the imagination. All the while the adroit vocality soothes a silky backdrop of harrowed misery and pain, wrapped up in this happy-go-lucky visage of clear supremacy. Definitely hiding a more serene and twisted message, enticing an audience in to then allow them to fall down a rabbit hole of unprovoked nothingness.

A track to look out for would be 'Woah Woah Woe'. Best described as a run-down hawaii hula, the track has a short sweetness, again, slurred and indefinitely shipwrecked. As a listener, the vocality is constant - hallucinating with itself, falling repeatedly, tripping with its silent strum of hazy beach joints and lonesome bodies, attaching itself to the next listener who comes along. A woodwind explosion tops the gold tipped adroitness for a wide spectrum of slithering soothing to come to play, certainly serenading listeners in such passionate adoration.

It was now apparent that Sunstack Jones seemed to blow The Music Manual away, from the first track of Roam to the very last, we were gripped the despotism and sheer sultry power that had been produced oh so cautiously. Not wanting to let the grass grow, we summoned Sunstack Jones for an interview and this was our result...

Thanks so much for this interview, I'll start off with a burning question, why 'Sunstack Jones' ?
Lorcan We wanted a name that sounded memorable, and Sunstack just popped in from somewhere out there, and we added Jones to keep the band siblings sweet...we typed it out and it just seemed looked right, rolled off the tongue well, and got people talking about it sounds like an old guy in a hat sitting on his porch in the Mississippi delta.....always a good image.

Could you tell us a bit about everyone involved within the band?
Lorcan Chris is amusingly angry, I met him when he had a cool parka on a field visit to the Bradford Film museum. I'm laid back, curly haired (not even scouse) and always late. Different bands kept us apart for 10 years but when those bands simultaneously imploded, out of the dust, Sunstack Jones arrived. Richy is Chris’s younger brother but somehow older, and Dan is a professional jazz supremo. Producer Klutz is part of the gang and sits in the background putting some hefty production hours in.

You recently released 'Bet I Could' via Eighties​ Vinyl Records, has that always been something you wanted to achieve, to get physical copies of your sound out there?
Chris Yeah, that's the most important thing to us really. We decided from the off that we wanted to release vinyl so we put our first LP (surefire ways to sweeten the mind) out on vinyl cos it seemed a Bit more 'real' that way. It's so easy to do downloads and CDs, a little trickier (and more expensive) to do vinyl, but still easy for independent bands to do. If you believe in it enough you should do it - so we're putting our money were out mouths are. I spoke to Dave from the sand band about the first 80s release (sand band single) and he was nice enough to put us onto Dave from 80s who's put out both our singles so far. We're gonna put the next LP, Roam, out ourselves again on our own imprint (Mammoth Bell Recording Co) - cos we dunno how to go about getting the bunged up cloth ears of the industry.

Do you have any memorable gig nights for all the wrong reasons?
Chris Well we've rarely played so nothing jumps out (touch wood).  

Who else are you liking the sound of at the minute?
Chris Sharon Von etten, Kurt Vile, Real Estate, mazzy star...
Lorcan Goat, Lee Hazelwood.

If you could pick any record that would match your personalities, what would you all choose and why?
Chris have to pick our own records really wouldn't we? They're a pretty good starting point- up, down, happy, sad, zig, zag. Or 'psyche' by PJ & Duncan.

What's 'the dream' for you?
Chris It would be nice to make living from making and playing music. There are enough people getting away with it that are absolutely horrendous so it doesn't seem like it would be impossible. 

Do you seek inspiration for your tracks or must it come to you?
Chris It just comes, usually at the most inopportune moments.

What's next on the cards for Sunstack Jones?
Chris Well we're putting our second LP, Roam, out in July ourselves and then playing Liverpool in August (and a few cities afterwards). We've already recorded an all new double A-sided single to follow it so we're looking for someone to put that out for us. We're also recording a mini LP in June so there's plenty to come. Quietly busy..


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