A quartet of impeccably styled musicians stumbled upon Liverpool's music circuit in 2011 and since then, have grown luscious locks and massive personalities, arguably becoming the coolest band around to date.

Now, 2014 has seen the release of their latest 6-track EP 'Dandelions and Soap Shops' and doesn't it just blow your socks off. Full of weighty drum pelts and enough guitar scuzz to melt your brain, just what you need from a promised 'hard rock' release.

Hitting like brain-freeze, first track Bring Out The Next taps into a familiar Cramps territory, using a clever solid paradox between 80's punk and 90's grunge, sleekly portraying an up-tempo vocality to move swiftly into a hypnotic trance of mono sonorousness.

For The Music Manual, My Way or the Milky Way, is quite possibly our favourite track. A fanciful high-pitched introduction sparks an electrifying murky guitar rift paired so righteously with a chunky thump, enough to satisfy the tingling cravings of the many listeners who idolise the vinyl-worthy scratchiness. Audiences can't help but idolise the romantically integrated wit of these four lads who use a mischievous thunder - especially within this anthem. By adoring the slight shifts in each crafty note, we succumb to the sour sweetness prevailing. Multi-tonality fully embraces an encapsulating chug that symbolises the epicentre of all things Sugarking - over the top and completely ready to kick up a fuss at any given moment.

At present, Sugarking are slowly breaking through the seams, after a slow but poignant beginning, this foursome are becoming adoringly fanciful amongst eager critics of the music industry. If you fear angry neighbours but revel in adrenalin, then it is dead certain that you will simply adore this band. We managed to grab an interview with the guys to find out more behind the scenes...

Why Sugarking? 
Our name Sugarking came from quite simply, a cup of tea haha. And which members prefer certain amounts of sugar in their tea. The word "Sugarking" came from the conversation, and came back round within a few days for a band name. Nothing too complicated aha. Has there ever been a sole aim as to starting Sugarking? 
The main purpose at the start was fun, but musically a lot more serious. and wanting to play music in a band. We all share a similar love for rock music and love to play together, but of course with that comes willing to perform to crowds. And it's all been moving forward since the start, we all want this to go the distance. And become the next big rock band for the UK. Do you think you'd get fed up with each other spending so much time together?
Like anyone in the world, of course we can get fed up with each other time to time, but we've been through enough over these recent years, and known each other for 6+ years. It's gave us more a solid friendship, that's concreted to withstand any bullshit. The music comes first over everything. That's the most important thing. You've got a new EP coming this month, how did you find the whole process leading up to release? 
The E.P launch is coming up very soon, we're in the process of planning it. But the physical copy of the E.P which is titled "Dandelions & Soap Shops" is complete, we're extremely happy with it. The recording process went smoothly too, we were well rehearsed before going into the studio. We recorded with a guy called Kyle, at Western Recording Studios on Seel Street in Liverpool. He understood our musical standing point and was more than happy to work with us. Our E.P is available to listen too online for free on our SoundCloud - Who else are you liking the sound of at the moment? 
A few of the current bands that interest us individually are: Queens of the Stone Age, Opeth, Nine Inch Nails, Tame Impala... This doesn't necessarily reflect our sound at all. It's just some current artists that have caught our attention. We describe our sound sometimes as 70's 90's, so there's a crazy amount of bands and genres that we each individually love and take influence from. It all just ends up in a big melting pot of inspiration and influence, with overall comes out as Sugarking. There's just too many to name.
Describe a typical night out for Sugarking
How'd you style yourselves in the morning? 
Greg - Doesn't Al - Does Kyle - Does Jake - Now and then... What venue would be 'the dream' to play ? 
The dream festival for Sugarking to play would be "Download Festival" at Donington Park, that's like the holy grail of all venues. Favourite track to play live?
Our favourite track to play live depends on the venue and crowd, depending on the night, any one of our songs could take the spot for the favourite. Each gig has a different atmosphere, but we all usually have a understanding of what went down best after the show. 
What's on the cards for Sugarking this year?
A lot is on the cards for Sugarking this year, a lot of live shows, as many venues as possible, of course our E.P launch for "Dandelions & Soap Shops" all the details of that event will be posted on our facebook.

We've applied for quite a few festivals and we're gathering more and more fans as we go on. We're aiming to be recording again later this year and sort a tour of the UK. So it's all about progressing for us and moving the band further onward.

Catch them at their EP launch 20th June @ The Lomax.


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