DON'T be fooled by the name as Cheshire quintet Blossoms have certainly bloomed into one of the music industry's best kept secrets with their stunningly brash, psychedelic creep summoning admirers from all around the UK and beyond.

Now based around Manchester, the five-piece have attracted the attention of many publications such as NME and alternative radio stations like XFM, whilst being described as bearing an aching similarity to that of Kettering's own - Temples.

Once listening there is a definitive resemblance to many psychedelia tainted deities, however, their sound does not portray carbon copies but rather a new wave of forward thinking and reinforcing the old with the new. A bold move for any artist yet an extremely clever ploy if one can pull it off.

After mastering their psychotropic debut EP 'Bloom' at Abbey Road Studios, it is fair to say this band must have something going for them, especially with a tune that everyone is talking about... 'You Pulled A Gun On Me' certainly oozes that psychedelia infused brew, incorporating a swaying beat so resemblant of a late 60's rave, unknowingly bewitching the audience into a motion of clicking fingers and swinging arms, so poignant of the decade.

Combined with a macabre kaleidoscopic gaze, the track takes its own formation. Notably, by following front man, Tom Ogden's slow burning vocality - cautiously grazing the instrumental with increasing adoration, we feel an heightened strain upon each twisted note, forcing a highly contagious repetition to form subconsciously amongst listeners. Favouredly matched by the distorted keys from Myles Kellock and creaking drum beat from Joe Donovan, the tune adopts a synth sleuth, carelessly yet intelligently reviving something relatively older than the members themselves, capturing a time in a much more clearer and glistening light. Potentially outdoing many of the ground-breaking artists that produced such a sound around 45 years ago, just proving such an artistic prowess amongst the Northern lads, mature and certainly delectable.

The hallucinogenic five-some certainly have smooth-talked their way into the big time with music you simply cannot say no to. Trippy and truly mind-expanding, you will find listeners far and wide plugging themselves in for Blossoms' magical mystery tour very soon.


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