Shrinking Minds

MIND-expandingly terrifying, Liverpool's latest backstreet garage quartet, Shrinking Minds, have blasted upon the local scene with such colossal force that many have already felt the backlash of their potency.

Complete with a purring slur, Shrinking Minds definitely set out to numb even the most collected of spirits. And their latest track, 'Sense' holds this notion to their listeners throats. Daring and confrontational - the maleficent track summons the most fickle of audiences.

Nebulous and ridiculously crafty, 'Sense' holds each note within its melting hands, letting the noise sizzle and stir with each twist of fate. The immortal bass lines provide the raw drone which dribbles so carelessly throughout the track, with a god-like rift pulsating horrendously violently towards the droning vocality.

Contorting graciously amongst a field of sonorous drum pelts and heavy atmosphere, Shrinking Minds have certainly forced their ridiculously cool moaning to enjoy an adept selection of fanciful jibes and radiant follicles of chugging tonality, matched by the grunge foundations these artists have so eagerly rejuvenated.


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