The Family Rain

AFTER appearing on The Music Manual back in November, this trio of brothers from Bath are at it again - and this time it's with brand new track, 'You Should Be Glad You've Got A Man'.

With a feature in China's Elle magazine for men, modelling some rather gorgeous Burberry clobber, few may have been concerned that the lads have taken up a new career path... However, fear not! Their perfectly groomed bods are still creating that all important meaty sound we fell for over three years ago.

With an 8-bit introduction chugging rapidly,'You Should Be Glad You've Got A Man' has electricity purring from the zestful guitars, graciously flickering through the heaviness of the instrumental capability. Brilliantly border-lining on a ridiculously acidity, corroding the numbing sensibility we're so used to hearing.

With a vocality so rhythmically courageous, each spoken art-form creeps indecently upon the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed set of eager fans. Matched with an enslaving beat from Tim Walter, the track instantaneously becomes a pilgrimage for new music lovers everywhere, due to adore the magnificent ideology emanating from the highly contained immure.

Not only has this sound grown in maturity with the lads, but has also contorted itself to slip right into the hauntingly adept new market of which no artists have ever ventured before. Say what you like about The Family Rain but one thing's for sure, no-one can ever say they've heard this mastery prior to this marvel .


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