TRIOS of musicians have noticeably become more predominant at the moment, especially with the likes of Manchester threesome - Antelopes making waves in the underground. Starting life in 2010 the band have extensively travelled the North West and only recently took to the Lomax in Liverpool.

According to their online bio it simply was a case of 'do you want to start a band?' and you know what? It's a bloody good job they did as their jumbled sound makes for the most rejuvenated 90's garage alternativia.

The interchangeable sound is one most favoured amongst eager music lovers. The ability to switch from one up tempo style to another slightly downward spiral certainly flaunts Antelopes prowess - not to mention the plausible dedication and flawless flow from individual band members to paraphernalia.

Earlier this year the lads released a self-titled EP which provided a youthful gaze upon the ageing tonality. Refreshing and considerably raw, each track transmits a DIY capability - excitably refreshing as several notes bite your nose and brighten your cheeks, feeding listeners with a dose of reality caked in this glamorous fa├žade created by the scenic Antelopes.
From vocals to melody, sheer mastery exhumes from this three-piece, you'd be a fool to argue otherwise - especially when you're drugged up on the rolling chorale and punchy ingenuity.


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