September Girls

Photo by Steve Gallagher
DUBLIN five-piece September Girls may hold the image of the ultimate femme fatale gang - but, unlike many these days, these ladies have a rough and ready sound to match.

Born in 2011 September Girls have featured on Irish television, been added to Liverpool's Psychedelic Festival line up AND have already been selling out material in a matter of minutes from release.

Their debut album 'Cursing The Sea', released in January this year on Fortuna Pop! Seemingly sneaked into the void within the psych scene concerning female artists -  there are simply not enough girls ready to tackle this 'genre' - that's if we're still using this categorising bull. Perhaps this is a good factor for the chic quintet as they become the forefront of this exciting new wave of almighty dominance.

Tracks such as 'Heartbeats' and 'Green Eyed' offer a kooky kinda mix, full of abnormal keys and strums - enough to send your head knocking for days. The hushed vocals add to this mysterious persona the band possess, revelling in an obscure twist of drenched vocality and submerged instrumentals. Graciously topped by this glaze of the unknown, subsequently administered by this consternation.
Being deemed a mix of 'Mary Chain fuzz with Ramones spirit' by NME earlier on this year, the response from an ever-growing fanbase and harsh critics has been phenomenal, highlighting the very prowess these five ladies hold in their hands. Since appearing at Liverpool Sound City this year, The Music Manual have had their beady little eye on the Dubliners and now its time for us to find out what really goes on when you're a September Girl with vox and guitarist Caoimhe Derwin...

You recently released your debut album, 'Cursing The Sea', how has the response been from fans and critics alike?

We were so happy with the response. We got some very complimentary reviews and our launch gigs went pretty well. You never know what to expect when you put an album out, you just have to do your best. But it was so positive. It felt good after all our hard work.

Where did you get the name September Girls from?
From the big star song, which was covered by the bangles. 

People have quoted your music as being similar to the likes of Jesus and the Mary Chain, do you think that's a fair enough judgement?
They were definitely an influence on the production sound we were going for, so I suppose we got that across to some listeners. I like Jesus and Mary chain, so I think that's really cool.

Who are you liking the sound of at the moment?
Fat white family-we saw them at the great escape and I was kind of mesmerised. 
I'm listening to Jenny Lewis' new single, I've just pre ordered her album, voyager. I think everything she does is really cool so I can't wait to hear the full album.

If we want to look like a September Girl, what style tips would you give us?
Black leather jacket & sunglasses. I mostly dress like a Victorian baby though... Not very cool...
Going back to when you all started, do you think you would handle anything differently?
I think we did everything in a way that suited us. We took our time figuring out our sound. Maybe I'd spend less time talking to time wasters about the band. But it's all a learning experience. Even mistakes are important.

Who do you look up to when playing gigs?
David Bowie! Stage idol.

You recently played Liverpool's Sound City festival, how did you feel that went?
It was a lot of fun. It was the first gig we played on our last tour and was a good place to start. It's a really great festival.

Do any of you have any party tricks?
None that I can think of! 

What does the future hold for September Girls? 
We are heading in to the studio to record our four track e.p. in a few weeks, it should be out in the autumn. We're making two videos for the release. Then on to writing album two and touring!


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