LEEDS has had its fair share of diamonds in the rough when it comes to music, with the likes of Eagulls and Alt J all seeping from its veins, so it comes as no surprise when yet another creeps up behind us, I give you - Autobahn.

Starting life last year, these five lads have been causing quite a brouhaha with their twisted spawn of psychedelia, infecting many who fall under its dominion.

Their most recent track, 'Pale Skin' pulsates a dying heart, spurting a crepusecular being into the Autobahn limelight.

Premièred upon Clash music earlier on today, 'Pale Skin' gained quite the reception, with many praising its fast pacing rhythm and hearty beat.

With an introduction so poisonous as this, there is no resistance to carry on exposing yourself to this mind expanding paranoia. Teamed with gritty rifts, the beat serenades an underworld of obscurity, ripping each and every little note into a million and one shards of vibrating brain cells. Soon enough a screaming vocality blunders its way through the noise, causing your cranium to ache and spin, grabbing your neck and shaking you violently until there is nothing of your original self left. Cleverly, the drawing out of the guitars stops this exorcism rather rapidly, deterring the diablo - this time at least.


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