SUMMERY slurs of VYNCE harmonium have been sweeping Merseyside like an epidemic. Undeniably, the Wirral quartet have certainly pulled quite a fast one on the rest of us, racing ahead with a highly addictive sound, indefinitely set to become a festival goers accompanying hand.

Already spreading like wild fire in their short existence, the four lads have travelled the lengths and breadths of some of England's most favourable cities, allowing all to taste the voluptuous VYNCE pie.

The suspected release of new EP 'Waves' is set to arrive any time soon, thus The Music Manual decided to look back at the VYNCE catalogue and give our readers a little insight into what they will be letting themselves into.

A track that definitely got our heads turning was 'Not My Girlfriend', the defining glory of that rich, radiance that seeps so wondrously through a pulsating purr of Ibiza sun and lax pool bathing. With a ridiculously grounded vocality, soothingly scratching away at the accompanying echo. The graciously matched electro-pop chug falls helplessly to a tasteful back beat that cuts the instrumental short, leaving the audience gasping for more. In matrimony, each little click, flick and roll is tied together to form a minuscule extravaganza - not over the top or over bearing yet commercially acceptable, providing the extra fuel to VYNCE's untimely success.


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