MIX two producers together into one captivating phenomenon and in turn you will be presented with - Kinds. Originating from Cornwall, this duo have been going about their trade in a somewhat covert fashion, keeping their music very much an exclusive contribution to a fanatic hipstermatic fanbase.

Absorbing a do-it-yourself philosophy, Kinds have conjured up an electronic legacy grounded by the slow burning chug of R&B and a dash of layered scuzz.

Latest tune, 'Run' is an underground bar's favourite track to play. Falling indefinitely in love for late night mischief, tainted with a ridiculously scorching poignancy, this being mirrored by artists such as Grimes and King Krule.

Clever bonding of the current wide spectrum of 'alternative' has allowed Kinds to pounce onto the market with Run. Bountiful in width, there are so many avenues for the instrumental to take which prescribes the rhythmic body of which has been finalised in this weighty essence.

Made up of Karen Warner and Mark Morrish, the duo have used the simple beauty of Warner's vocality to grace the waves of the body, sailing over and under each pairing providing an echo and a submerged dusk warning. Numbing audiences everywhere, Run certain holds a overpowering gaze upon how music should be felt.

There are no true carbon-copies of this sound, it is virtually impossible to absorb all of Kinds indescribable creativity, they would never have been able to get the angelic halo around any other musical arrangement. This is certainly one of a kind.


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