The Heartbreaks

BEGINNING their odyssey in 2009, Morecambe band The Heartbreaks are back bigger than ever with new album, 'We May Yet Stand A Chance'.

Going on the road once more for an exclusive 5-date tour, including Liverpool's very own East Village Arts Club, courtesy of I Love Live Events, we shall sample an arguably more mature yet experimental quartet than we may have expected two years ago.

The honeymoon period of previous album 'Funtimes', released back in 2012, remained right up to when the foursome allowed us a taster of their new work with track - 'Absolved'. Allowing for a truly eye-opening slant on what The Heartbreaks have been producing as of recent months.

The foundations remain the same for the majority, however we see an even more diverse and riveting tonality, this most definitely being partnered by the lads influences which have all absorbed into their abundance of creativity. Melodiously fitting, we're enraptured by the ridiculously addictive rippling of full band spectacles from the very start - the sudden build up slows down to allow room for front-man Matthew Whitehouse's vocal harmonium, constantly threading through a trickling guitar and racing beat, only to then leave the chugging instrumental that provides life for a true anthem to be born. It becomes set in stone that this band does not need to follow any ideologies or forms, they very much have a life of their own and share this ability with their audience of whom truly expect the unexpected. If one thing is sure enough about 'Absolved', any first impressions of a gimmicky remake of time gone by is certainly throttled by the end.

With a pending gig at the EVAC and new album available to buy now, we saw it extremely fitting to grab a quick interview with leading man Matthew Whitehouse, to find out what its really like to be a heart-breaker...

The Heartbreaks journey started back in 2009, do you feel a lot has changed since then?
Oh, only as much as anyone changes over the course of five years. We still have the same desire as we always had. The same fire burning inside us. 

Do you feel your latest album 'We May Yet Stand A Chance' differs a lot from your debut ‘Funtimes'?
I do but not in a sort of sudden “change of direction" way. It felt like more of a natural transition, really. One born out of seclusion from an increasingly gangrenous music scene.  

Recently you were featured in GQ Magazine, do you have any style techniques to give us?
Just say ‘no’ to the baseball cap, kids. 

Have there ever been times when any of you have just wanted to stop working in music and go back to life before the band?

You have a short tour coming up in November, what should we expect?
To have fun. God knows, that’s what I’m going to do. 

If you could be any one of your idols, who would you be?
Beautiful, beautiful Marina Ginestà. 

How did you get the idea for the Absolved video?
We’re all Motown fans and we wanted to do something based upon those old Four Tops and Temptations routines. Poor Eddie Kendricks will be spinning in his grave, I know, but we tried our best. 

Is there a track out there that you wish you had written?
Liar, My Dear. 

What's next for The Heartbreaks?
Who can really say? All I know is that The Heartbreaks cannot be over yet - there is more to be done. 


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