Stuart Newman

GETTING caught up with a seemingly 'cool' wave of gloomy rock tunes, swallowed up in egos with hard hitting vocalities we seem to forget that there is a calling for the more happy-go-lucky type of artist - with airy noughties gazes spray painted on for effect. If a more rustic acousticness is your thing, then look no further than Stuart Newman, the new face of this movement.

Based in the South of England, Newman has been bustling away with his guitar based tracks, riveting in a slight R&B casing - this not taking full priority yet still significantly prominent. With this very sound he has gained the attention of BBC Introducing and Radio 6 - with thanks to Tom Robinson and now its time for a greater audience to become captivated by the gracious tonality, especially with the release of new track; One Big F.

Starting the new single with a camp-fire worthy trickle of tickling guitar chords, portraying a flame beginning it's short life journey, allows us to follow the careful journey of which this track is about to take. Following this pathway we start to feel a slight heavier accompaniment, still stepping back to reveal that satisfying prowess of the songster, smoothly orchestrated by the producing of the track. It's fair to say, this track is going to go far, and Newman - a name we'll be hearing much more of.


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