The Viper Kings

A RATHER interesting project has been sweeping Merseyside at the moment, blues music being the forefront for a quartet of artisans already familiar with the industry's marriage of convenience. Let us introduce to you, The Viper Kings.

Fancy yourself as a bit of an old school rocker and you'll be their biggest fan - the prominence and adeptness of their timing is impeccable, The Viper Kings simply could have not chose a better time for impact.

Although doing their rounds as a rock'n'roll/blues cover band, their sound and being does a lot more than the rest. Going above expectations many fall for the rough avant garde approach these guys emanate. This is sure to be shown in the new material these guys are supposedly working away for.

Consisting of ex Coral and Zuton members, The Viper Kings have all the venom they need to feed off the dormant prey of local wannabes and countless dead beat rhythms to create an aura so ready for action and to fight back with vengeance.

With playing at this years Fort Perch Rocks in May and supporting the almighty Steven Seagal a couple of weeks back, its fair to say with all the functions these guys are set to do, this isn't just another of those mystifying wonders - we shall be hearing a lot more from The Viper Kings so with that in mind, The Music Manual had to grab a quick interview to find out more from behind the scenes...
It's fair to say you've all been involved in numerous projects, what makes Viper Kings so different than the rest?

I guess what makes us different is, we never grew up banging out tunes in each others bedrooms.We knew each other from our previous bands and were brought together by a love of the songs we play. Each member of the band brings something unique to the table. There’s an ethos and a reverence for the music. Even though we’re playing covers, we do them in our own style.
Is blues music making a revival?
I think it’s fair to say it is. The Black Keys and Jack White both played to massive crowds at Glastonbury and their albums sell really well. We were recently featured in a full page article in The Blues Magazine. It had a brilliant interview with Walter Trout and showcased loads of up and coming blues bands from around the world. There will always be a hardcore fanbase for The Blues. It’s the keystone of all music.
Supported the amazing Steven Seagal few weeks ago, how did you find it?

We won the crowd over and played really well, that’s the most important thing to us. Ian and myself are massive action film fans and just being in the same room as him was mind-blowing. Steven can really play and his band were top musicians. After the show, we chatted and gave him a CD.They had some brilliant stories. His feet were gigantic. You've got a new record out next month, what should we expect from it?

A good old fashioned Blues Rock record. We recorded and mixed it in one day at Parr St Studios. It’s good to work to self imposed rules sometimes. Minimal overdubs and live vocals. Most of the album was nailed on the first or second takes and it really captures our live sound. There’s a freedom and a vibrancy to it. For those reasons, we’re really proud of it. If we were to buy each member of Viper Kings a drink what would be a sure winner?

Believe it or not, we’re really into our cocktails.
This is our pre gig round at the bar- Paul: A Hanky Panky Ian: A Monkey Gland Jay: A Duck Fart and a blue WKD Nev: A Slippery Nipple and a white wine spritzer Are there any local artists you're liking the sound of at the moment?

Everyone on The Skeleton Key Label are outstanding, even if we are a bit biased. Sundowners are incredible and are starting to break through now. They’ve worked really hard and they deserve it. The Levon’s are a really impressive young band. Springtime Anchorage are about to release a record called Labour Of Patience and it’s excellent. I saw Jimmy and The Revolvers recently and they were great. Matadors and The Circles are not strictly local, but have strong ties to Liverpool and are both well worth checking out. You took part with the Anti UCG & Fracking gig back in April and have continued to support the cause, do you think we have a good chance of stopping these plans going ahead?

Only time will tell. You can find more information and sign the petition here,
What does the industry need more of in your opinion?

The industry needs more authentic music lovers. More people who are willing to stand up and be counted. Risk takers who aren’t afraid to nurture young talent at a grassroots level. Less hipster A&R men who are more concerned about regurgitating a stale, tired formula and keeping their jobs, rather than seeking out the next truly amazing artist.
Any Viper King exclusives we can find out about?

We’ve been talking about writing and releasing our own material. Possibly a four track EP. Every member of the band is an experienced songwriter and it seems like a natural progression for us to evolve and write a few songs together to see where that leads us.


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