Guillem Balague at The Cavern

GUILLEM Balague, a name many associate with the beautiful game of football - yet, the author, sports journalist and key pundit of Sky Sports' coverage of Spanish football has another wondrous talent - writing music.

His relationship with Liverpool began when he moved here in the 90's, learning how to speak fluent English whilst at University in the city. Therefore it comes as no surprise when we hear that he is to bring a night of both football and music together in the city's most iconic music venue, The Cavern Club.

Thursday 18th September sees a night of true dedication for both football and music fans alike, bringing the two past-times closer together for our multicultural city.

First on the bill we have Timo of the notorious Tea Street Band giving us a sterling acoustic set, introducing the night with a passionate slur, pursuing an exceptional focal point for next act, King & Scholes. Recently releasing their 4-track EP 'Our Kingdom' we got to sample the beautiful lyricism written by Balague himself, using the extremely adept duo's musical capability to warm the folk surrounding they effortlessly exhume.

We then will take a break from the musical goings on to listen to an amazing football talk by Balague and Gaizka Mendieta, opening up the game from their perspective. This setting us up nicely for a performance from Best Boy Grip. Melodic and graciously crafted, Eoin O'Callaghan uses a mindful gaze to control his power over contemporary pop, revealing tracks that again Balague has written so entrancingly.

The night will draw to a close with Mendieta taking to the stage once more to provide a wonderful DJ set. Exclusive and completely unique, this night is set to go down in history as one of the pinnacle moments in the matrimony of sports and music. We must thank Balague for his innovation in bringing us together for this special evening. Tickets are £15 and are available from

Guillem will also be available to sign books in between band slots.


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