Featuring Wirral quartet VYNCE back in July, The Music Manual idolised their ridiculous allure, the promise of new material was a few months away yet we wanted it immediately. Teasing us - and many of their listeners it was revealed that their debut EP was to be released on 20th September.

Now the countdown has begun as 'Waves' becomes much more of a reality, rejuvenating our Summer cravings, the four-track mysticism breaches all sonorous waves, bringing a fully pledged jubilance with its dedicated beat and gracious tonality.

Featuring familiar tracks such as 'Not My Girlfriend' and 'April Showers' we stumble upon two more alternative readings of VYNCE's ability; the title track 'Waves' and 'St Lucia'.

With a tracklisting so effortless, this EP has a ingenious flow, expertly growing an enticing personality. A testing pulsation rumbles throughout, showing a rich set of expertise, a testament to the extensive knowledge each member has carried along the journey, affirming no hesitance in wanting to push capability into the unknown. Favouring a more fruitful sound, the unheard tracks allow for a more euphoric idleness, forcing a takeover of unrecognised emotions whilst at a standstill, in awe of what excellence has been crafted for all to gawp at. It's only when we see them live that our bodies become addicted to the thriving buzz surrounding the foursome's adroitness.

The grounded vocalities so soothingly scratching away at accompanying echoes is a first hand tale of what VYNCE stand for, using electro-pop to fall back on the instrumentals rip through each note, leaving a raw beauty in memoriam. Commercially sound, the tracks can adapt to any listener no matter what musical preference, that's the main selling point of the lad's proposal. Their faithfulness to the hometown of which they matured definitely has an influence, feeling the very breadths of the Mersey and the sloping heat so rare yet welcomed, paying homage to a land so bewitchingly spellbinding.

The Music Manual can ultimately state that this EP is the epitome of VYNCE's work compiled over the last year, all who happen to stumble upon such works now - or in years to come will find themselves eloping to the sunny side of life, enraptured in Waves for the entire odyssey.


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