LUV FLESH? Then you'll love... well, FLESH. In their home-town of Manchester, the quartet have been tearing down the metropolis whilst taking a pilgrimage to the 90's. Embracing a new wave of intense DIY mayhem - with minor glitz and glamour on the side.

Gigs supporting the likes of Darlia and Artrocker's Summer of New Blood have been pouring in by the bucketful. With praise from the guys at Pond and selfless plugs from Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw, FLESH are starting spreading like a bad rash... one we'd like to catch.

Dropping new track Vauxhall Casanova late last month, the fab four have propelled into the limelight, becoming the new deity of steamy Brit-pop, pushing a highly cringe-worthy Americana upon Stone Rose slurs have really helped in the creation of this almost unique sounding. This embrace of the huge fascination with Manchester and it's produce has allowed the flaunting of creative Manc ideology to resurface after twenty years of bone idleness.

With each member proclaiming to be a true Casanova, we are wowed by their undeniable vulgarity. The invasion of living rooms with their nudist expression certainly adds some eye-candy for the guys and gals, all looking to taste the FLESH. For your own take, check out the music video below.


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