Freddie Dickson

13th October brought us singer/songwriter Freddie Dickson's latest EP, 'News'. Dropping the video yesterday, it became very clear that we have one extremely talented musician on our hands.

Currently roaming around his hometown of London, Dickson has so far proved his status by welcoming us into his world, inviting audiences to share within the rawness of his lyricism and comfort of the accompanying sound.

'News' lifts the barrier on young musicians, with Dickson we experience a maturity well beyond his years. With a soundtrack so close to the ground, anyone can take something from this track, strengthening a listeners own personal experience with the track.

Vocal harmonies soften the impact of the heightening climax, wavering Dickson's own glorious vocality full of pain directed by a wholesome cooing, reassuring but heartbreaking. Hearts race as many become attached to the physical emotion that pours from this tracks very veins. The simplicity of a piano matched with an angelic vocal accompaniment bestows a beautiful corrosion upon decaying relationships that listeners themselves are involved in. The track allows a ticking beat to gradually lift itself beyond recognition, expanding into a life of its own, soon to mean so much but allowing for so many interpretations.

Currently in the studio working on his debut album, Dickson is most definitely set to become one of Britain's most adored musicians, the future is so bright for this young starlet, you heard it hear first. The Music Manual grabbed an interview with Freddie to find out more about his latest release... 

Hiya Freddie! How's it going?

Hi! I'm very well thank you.

You've just premièred a video for your track 'News', we hear of all these artists stating that the meaning of their tracks don't kinda fit with the content of the video, do you feel that in this case they compliment each other?

Yes I do. I didn't want to bore people with a structured narrative but still wanted to represent the themes of frustration and anxiety that you hear in the song.

You're from London, what's it like on the musical front-line there? 

It's great! So many gigs available to go to or play at. The London open mic circuit was the perfect place for me to gain confidence in performing live.

New EP, also called 'News' has been released on Columbia Records, sharing the label with the likes of David Bowie and Patti Smith - what's this been like?

It has all been a bit surreal! Growing up Bob Dylan was like a religion in my house and I always remembered seeing the words COLUMBIA on his cd's. It's very weird now seeing my name next to this iconic label.

What's the artwork all about?

Well we messed around with a few images and then I was presented with this one. I found it deeply intriguing and disturbing which were the two things I felt about the first E.P cover. I guess I wanted to follow this on.

Is an album on the cards for the near future?

Well I don't know about near future but I am currently recording it!

Are you always writing material, have you ever hit writers block?

I do write a lot but I think it's really important when you don't have much to say to just go off and do something else. I have hit the block before but have learnt to distance myself from writing when this happens and then I find that ideas start to arrive a lot more easily. This is only after going to my studio for days on end and just becoming too frustrated. I don't just wait until the "creative spirit" arrives!

I saw Aussie band Little May are supporting you at your headline gig at The Sebright Arms, who have you got on repeat at the moment?

Yeah, I really like their new E.P. On repeat are the new Jamie T and Leonard Cohen albums. Both such brilliant records.

Forgetting music completely, what would you be doing right now?

Cooking or watching football.

Will we see Freddie Dickson in Liverpool any time soon?

Hopefully next year!


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