The Ragamuffins

SOME may have feared the worst when The Ragamuffins had gone remarkably quiet over the last couple of months, however, amongst the odd show, these five talented guys had hit the studio, recording arguably their most lucrative work yet - new single, Taped Off The Radio.

Set to feature in a multi-track release named Get Cynical, Taped Off The Radio is the first true indication as to what we should expect from this band of artisans. The promise of a sparkling music video set at Southport's Crazy Golf is certainly not wavering our opinion one bit (maybe slightly) as it certainly seems the hushed approach will stand the lads in good stead for what is to come in the near future.

Introduced by a wondrous seventies groove - there is ultimately no hardship in taking a liking to such crafty anthem. Salivating within a backdrop of deep bass we are introduced to perhaps the most jubilant of vocalities ever witnessed within local artistry. The voice of frontman, David John Jaggs carries the track weightlessly along with cooing harmonies, making short but poignant appearances all throughout. Originally mindful that this track exerts years upon years of musical raptures, with layers of early pop to connotations of R&B all finding their way to provide a dynamic beginning for this very track to become extremely successful.

By reading their Facebook biography there is an epiphany exploring what this creation flaunts - each Ragamuffin's multi-instrumentality. With a crazy amount of features all woven into Taped Off The Radio there had to be an apt team behind it, this single simply would not have happened if we had stumbled across a bog-standard grouping. It is so awfully hard not to sing along whilst writing this review - with the lyrics easy to pick up and a tune so memorable it has certainly earned a place on   The Music Manual hall of fame. Get your copy 6th October on iTunes, Amazon or Bandcamp by following the links below.


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