Feral Mantra

BASED between Sheffield and Doncaster, dreamy rock quartet, Feral Mantra have created a wondrous little world for themselves, wrapped in sub-genre heaven.

Their latest single, 'It Became Sudden' was released on 30th October to an outstanding amount of praise from their ever growing fan-base who are heralding the track as a true piece of showmanship, incredible for a band who are really still the new guys on the block.

Beginning over a year ago the band first released this track along with two others on their self-titled EP, just after supporting the also fabulous, Catfish and the Bottlemen. But as time has gone on, the single marks a new era for Feral Mantra

Presented with an introduction of echoing guitars from front man James Rollings and Richard Bithrey there is a professional tweak in the sound, this isn't an ordinary DIY job, there is ingenuity within their madness. Overlapped with a sulky groove that bassist Danny Davidson administers, there is a steady slope emerging, ready to open up a personal track for drummer Ashley Platts to knit together to create something so much more universally accepted.

From the very start there is a psychedelia infused bubble waiting to burst, threatening a more sinister garage sounding to break away from its containment. Falling about around a modern rock ideology there are signs of The Kooks and One Night Only who rose prominence during the early noughties due to the sudden boom in the UK's 'indie' culture. Up for revival, Feral Mantra are the lads who are to bring this exciting energy back to the industry.

On the day of release we were entertained by a simple yet impressive video, using red and green fairy lights and a cooky 3-dimensional effect to provide the ultimate trippy imagery to an insanely good track. Whatever next year brings us, Feral Mantra are definitely on a sure pathway to success.

Words by Lauren Jones


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