Jamie T at LCR Norwich 1st November

Jamie Alexander Treays, better known as Jamie T, didn’t hold back in with his performance on a hot and sweaty evening in Norwich. Touring in support of his new album ‘Carry on the Grudge’, after an extended period away from the musical map, it was no surprise that the show was a rapid sell out. 

Wimbledon’s finest opened with new tracks ‘Limits Lie’ and ‘Don’t You Find’ before flying in ‘Panic Prevention’ classic ‘Operation’. ‘Salvador’ along with the powerful, punky number ‘Peter’ saw a see or fans surging forwards in what is already a very tightly packed crowd. Hardly stopping for breath Jamie unleashes fan favourites ‘So Lonely Was the Ballad’ and ‘Pacemaker’ in which he puts down the guitar and struts around stage with only a microphone showcasing his fast-talking, sharp tongued ability that brought him to fame right at the beginning.

The new band in my opinion is as good if not better, delivering real power and bite, adding to what is already a completely buzzing atmosphere inside the LCR. He calms things down a bit with the acoustic track, ‘Emily’s Heart’ from his second album ‘Kings & Queens’, a track many were happy to see played. Although rarely speaking to the crowd, Jamie is keen to check everyone is having a good time, frequently sending gestures to whip up the crowd. Splashing those at the front with water before launching the iconic, ‘Man’s Machine'. Resisting to slow down, tracks ‘368’ and ‘Spider’s Web’ refrain from letting the audience cool off.

Upon leaving the stage, with repetitive chants of ‘Jamie T!’ rising in volume from the crowd. Jamie re-emerges to collect his acoustic bass guitar, which appeared in his early days to unleash ‘Back in the Game’ to the great excitement of the fans. Chants of ‘Sheila!’ also echoed round the venue but as many fans may know it has hardly been played since his return from the extended hiatus.

The night was brought to a close with huge new single, ‘Zombie’ followed by the rip roaring ‘Sticks and Stones’ causing frenzy amongst fans as volumes reached new heights in what was a spectacular show, proving Jamie T still has a lot to offer with his music.

Words by Freddie Wells


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