The Sundowners

RECORDED over a two week period in Parr Street Studios this Summer, we will open 2015 with the heavily awaited debut album from The Sundowners.

The Wirral outfit have a beguiling enchantment. Signed to Skeleton Key Records, this release will stand the test of time in the psychedelic hall of fame. Channelling deities such as Fleetwood Mac and Jefferson Airplane there is an absolute revival of Wakestock pandemonium, exposed in previous releases such as 'Hummingbird'.

Consisting of eleven tracks, the self-titled album will take us on a journey full of irresistible echoes and hallucinogenic rifts.

Giving us a taster of the album comes in the form of latest single, 'Into the Light' which is set to drop on 8th December, providing the first real indication as to what the band have been working on in the past year.

Their self-proclaimed 'Psyche-folk' genre fits perfectly with this number, as the track quickly makes advances with domineering guitars. This is the first, true indication in which we are presented with a dream-like state that comes to lightly caress our eardrums as we tumble down a rabbit-hole of quirky kaleidoscope mysticisms.

Struck with vertigo, the rifts take on a rumbling course, supporting the introduction of illusory beats from drummer, Jim Sharrock. Soon enough, the vocals are thrown upon us by frontwomen, Niamh Rowe and Fiona Skelly, who are seriously savvy and arguably the underground industry's figureheads for women today. With a sirenesque coo, we're enraptured by the comely yet viciously corrosive manner in which they expose the backbone of their sound.

Progressing further, minds begin to melt as we succumb to an enrapturing fever. Little nods towards Tim Cunningham's bass concocts a repetitive structure, gravitating the melody to run towards a meatier climax. Showing us a faster beat and irreplaceable guitar from Alfie Skelly there is a real sense that the best is yet to come.

This album is going to be a prodigious piece of craftsmanship and how glad we are that we're here to see the renaissance of such a tonality.

Words by Lauren Jones


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