IF we were asked to say which artist that has stood out this year in Liverpool's buzzing circuit, there'd be no doubting the name Sankofa will be the first to creep past your lips. According to their bio, they've been around since 2010, but 2014 has undoubtedly been the turning point.

Signed to local label, Eighties Vinyl Records, the band have truly bloomed in what has been proclaimed as a damned industry.

Their latest offering 'Grasp' has touched the heart of many individuals alike, opening a world of soft instrumentals teamed with rowdy opinions, very similar to what Bob Dylan achieved with protest tracks. They may not sound like Dylan, yet the ideology is still very much there.

An uplifting rippling introduces us to a bizarre out-of-body experience, welding this ethereal sense of 70's folklore. Fumbling about, we're greeted with important comely guitars, presenting an unrealistic distance between listeners and the music, yes we're attracted but to hell can we grab it, echoing this crazy idea of another world working in tandem with ours certainly seems plausible with this track.

The locality embedded within the vocals becomes a reminder of home, but in a strange sense we'd rather not venture back. It's crazy to think how deep this track drills down into our thought process, sure upon first listen we're just enjoying a decent tune but upon listening again, we delve deeper, there's more to it. A backdrop of falling bass and riveting beats enrapture the whole progressive rock core that oozes Sankofa, matched with a glorifying euphony each little note is hand-picked to strike a chord. This listening experience has now become more personal than ever before.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, get down to their single launch on 12th December with Kindest of Thieves, Electro Shock Therapy and Music Manual 2015 favourites, The Sky.

Words by Lauren Jones


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