Superfood at Epic Studios, Norwich

THE Birmingham outfit brought their infectious brand of indie pop to Epic Studios as the headline act of the NME New Breed. With their funky riffs and fantastic wailing vocals it didn’t take long for what was a pretty packed venue to be bopping to every catchy note played on what were their new guitars, something that front-man, Dom Ganderton was very proud to tell us as we stood by the merch stand.

Introducing their set with track 'Bubbles' from their ‘MAM EP’, followed by 'TV' from their recently released album ‘Don’t Say That’ which had the audience hooked on every note. Coming next, 'You Can Believe' with its edgy chorus certainly is the epitome of Superfood.

The rumbling base line of 'Mood Bomb' soon follows, showing the intricacy of some of the bands works with melodic and jangly guitar tones draping around the verses before launching in to an uplifting chorus. Obvious that they are thrilled to be headlining this tour, Ganderton was keen to engage with the crowd, frequently displaying his joy and enthusiasm towards them, creating a feel good factor shaking the old TV studio.

'Right On Satellite' was no doubt one of the highlights of the set with its driving guitars whipping the crowd into a frenzy, setting up the audience before ending with their own self-titled track. With leaping crowd members clamouring on the stage to jump around with the band definitely provided some discontent to the venue security. With their name ringing round the venue as fans sing a long to the final track of the evening, it became clear that Superfood are another accomplished product of the Birmingham music scene. I for one cant wait to see them again when they join Temples on their tour later this month.

Words by Freddie Wells


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