Ala.Ni; a singer/songwriter hailing from London, developed her style under the influence of big names such as Mary J Blige, Damon Albarn and Andrea Bocelli.

Her sound so intoxicating that we're presented with something adoringly fresh in today's music industry.

Releasing track 'Suddenly', late last month, we were hit with music of days gone by. Absorbing the track, we're overcome with the thought of a 1940s jazz bar, showcasing classic artists such as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald.

A single piano chimes out the mystical melody while Ala.Ni carries the track with nostalgic, bewitching vocalism. Untainted and angelic, the lyricism grasps the heartstrings of loves lost, harrowingly dangerous in it's ruthless approach. The addition of harmonious backing vocals offer more vintage embrace, heavenly kissing our ears with golden tongue flicks and riveting hums.

Emerging from the shadows no less than a month ago, this London-based artist has plans to fully introduce her innovative style of not only music but cinematography and vision into the cosmopolitan industry.

With her debut EP penned for release early next year, we better wait for her name to be splashed on Later Live with Jools Holland...

Words by Helaena Williamson


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