LIVERPOOL is a city all too familiar for churning out exceptional underground music - however, the latest quartet to catch our attention seems to have that little bit more to offer.

After being taken under the wing of local label, Blak Hand Records, Ohmns have given us little inclinations as to what to expect, making them all the more pleasurable.

They've bagged themselves some tasty support slots too, playing with the likes of Natural Child and Purple Heart Parade but have most recently announced that they would be supporting Brighton-based Demob Happy on the Liverpool leg of their tour.

From what The Music Manual has observed, Ohmns sounding is brashly sullen and formidably uptight, possessing an almost anarchic gaze upon a perceived DIY tonality. This is helped by the unwieldy chords that tingle at the notion of severely oppressed beats, dragging the death-rattling bass and screeching vocals to hell with it. There's no doubt that their sound epitomises the captivating allure of the grunge genre, so there's no surprise that they've been proclaimed as the city's omnipresent ticking time bomb.

Perhaps due to the lack of MP3 offerings there are some minor limitations to the Ohmns online presence, nevertheless this seemingly cements the overbearing desire from audiences to become more enamoured with a quartet so indescribably appealing.

Interested? Well, get down to Strange Collective's EP Launch on 28th February at 24 Kitchen Street Liverpool - failing that, try Demob Happy's EVAC date on 31st March, definitely not one to be missed. 

Words Lauren Jones


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