Scarlett Parade

HAILING from the Isle of Man, ‘Scarlett Parade’ is a charmingly mellow duo consisting of Geoffrey Tinkler (lead vocals and piano) and Adam Jones (lead guitarist). The pair are currently fuelling our senses with resplendent, soul hitting acoustic sessions, yet claim there is much more depth of their encompassing sound to come. 

With wholesome guitar and vocalism that emanates senses of sincerity and raw, heartfelt emotion, the band draw connections to the likes of Kodaline and Hozier. They captivate listeners with their immense thrust of ardency, felt evidently in every syllable, strum and note. A factor incredibly endearing. 

Track ‘summer song’ is a modest interfusion of folk and alternative styles. It delves into a haze of soothing riffs and eloquent lyricism, reaching out to those who chose to listen. 

Their EP, due for release in the near future, is a leap from they're acoustic works. Preview of track “White River” exhibits the installation of drums and choir-like vocals to they’re newer material. These aspects give a richer ambience and build layers of sound, akin to the atmospheric techniques of Sigur Rós.

Scarlett Parade are a passionate and versatile paring, we can’t wait to see what they plan to develop next. 

Words Helaena Williamson


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