Alex Holmes

HERTFORDSHIRE born songstress, Alex Holmes has quite the back-catalogue of music. Both a producer and songwriter, her work glistens with amazing desire and aptitude.

Starting out back in 2012, her mystical sound is not one to shy away from. Sharing similarities with the likes of Kate Bush and Tori Amos, it's fair to say that Holmes is certainly on the road to great success.

With her debut music video for track 'Heaven' dropping next month, The Music Manual had to get the message out about her glorified tonality.

Introducing the track with an array of keys matched with a synthetic buzz, there is a cold bitterness that's partnered with the ceramic images that the video so boldly proclaims.

Holmes' affluent vocalism slices through the dark connotations of the track, solely whispering to her audience like a siren, luring her sailors to their untimely end. The soft serenades of the instrumental accumulate around her, forcing a heavy hearted repetition of harmonious 'oohs' to seep through the fabric.

Pitching herself amongst the likes of Florence + The Machine, Holmes' ability to coo a track around her overwhelming being is certainly one any female artist desires. Be sure to check out the video for 'Heaven' released 10th April.


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