Jacco Gardner

DUTCH multi-instrumentalist, Jacco Gardner started out back in 2012, bringing us a neo-psych sounding so ethereal, imaginations dance within the pandemonium.

And after latest offering, 'Find Yourself' was dropped today, The Music Manual jumped at the chance to review the delectable number.

Taken from upcoming album, 'Hypnophobia', Find Yourself offers something more than your average airy psychedelic fable. From the introduction to the end we are fed a punchy hypersensitivity whispered by gloopy key changes and tranquillising echoes.

The transition of stripped back chords allows Gardner to flaunt his extensive knowledge - in keeping with a feathered vocalism. An ingenious artistry grasps onto hypnotic influences of the late 60's, adopting an addictive radiance that buzzes under a veneer of a rich tonality, leaving minds to expand with the blossoming cleverness.

Reaching for the repeat button, Find Yourself has an eerie harmonium, one that we simply cannot run from. We fall for the sound, not just for the relaxing tones but for the deeper meaning.

Grab your copy of Hypnophobia on 4th May to sample even more of the delights Gardner has to offer. 


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