SOME have said that the making of shoegaze quintet SPLASHH was written in the stars - with members hailing from New Zealand, Australia and the UK, it certainly seems plausible.

Laying low for a number of months, fans had feared the worst - that was until it was announced that the five-piece were to join their mates, Birmingham quartet Peace on their second UK tour of 2015.

Not long after this statement, the lads also had a special announcement, revealing their long-overdue return to London for a night on the 25th March at Boston Arms. It has been speculated that this show will unveil the next chapter in SPLASHH history.

Since starting out, the band have released debut album, Comfort - followed by five more singles which exploit the dangerously raw sound that SPLASHH so notoriously create. Now after their brief hiatus, we can finally find out what they've been spending so long on, as hinted by track, 'Colour It In', taken from their new album.

We talked to front-man, Sasha Carlson, to discuss the band's interval and just what we should expect from the new album.

You’re all from a wide range of places with different backgrounds, do you think this has at all influenced your sound?
With the first record It may have been more of an influence as Toto and I just got back from a summer in Australia so it may have across then. We all listen to the same kinds of music so influence comes from that I guess.

Would you say the Splashh ideology is entirely ‘DIY’?

Yeah, we have mostly done everything ourselves with help from friends. We know what we like and it's easier like that for now.

You have been away from the gig circuit for quite a few months now, have you been working on any more material?

We stopped touring a while back now. We've been over in New York writing the next record so that's been our main focus, so just taking some time out - we played a bit over there which was great.

What’s the biggest ‘rockstar’ prank you’ve pulled?

Nothing rockstar - Just hustling people's riders probably

There’s been a gig announcement for 25th March in London, will we be seeing a re-invented Splashh?

Yeah definitely. I mean being in a new city is always gonna influence the way you write, the music you get exposed to and the stuff you listen to. There's more electronics in the set up now and it sounds larger, I'm not giving too much away, you're just gonna have to come watch us on the 25th...

You’re out on tour with Peace later on this year, what are you most looking forward to?

Being on tour with friends is always a major plus. Just really looking forward to playing really and having some fun. Can't wait!


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