TWENTY-FOUR year old, Natalie Findlay is definitely one of Manchester's finest, propelling her rapidly towards the successes of some of the city's most adored artists.

Since starting out back in 2012, Findlay has had widely colourful career; breaking from old label to start her own, whilst producing two consecutive hits amongst music lovers - this lady is certainly not just a pretty face.

Recently announced as one of the many artists at this years Liverpool Sound City, we also welcomed the news of new track, Wolfback - dropped only a month after, Electric Bones.

It's undeniable that Wolfback is a gargantuan tune. If you went to bed last night thinking you're yet to hear the sound of a decade, well, get a load of this. A punchy vocalism is matched with fierce lyricism, tossed about in such a profoundly elegant fashion. Many have pointed similarities to Ratatat's track, Loud Pipes, however, the copious impulses from the bass-line and the insidiously cool synths push the sound towards more apt commercial glory. The futuristic feel which surrounds the track is certainly explored in the music video below.

As a part of our Sound City preview season, The Music Manual grabbed an interview with Natalie to find out a little more behind Findlay.

When did you know Findlay was what you wanted to create?
I never set out with the concept of Findlay, it just kind of evolved over the years along with the music and musicians involved. I think what Findlay was when it started isn't what it is today and will likely to keep changing as I work with other musicians and I progress as part of a band and as myself within that. I'm surrounded by talented, creative people and they all have an impact on what Findlay is.

Your new track Wolfback has just been released, how long has that track been in the pipeline?
It's been around for a while now. I always had reservations about it being the most commercial song I've done but it seemed the right time to drop it as a single and I'm really proud of the recording and the video.

How do you feel its been received?
Well Radio one is playing it, we're getting more festival and show offers since it's been out and at the gigs we did last week it went down really well with fans so I'm really happy. Plus it's like a big fuck you to my old label who didn't let me release anything for a year. Now I've put two singles out myself on my own label and things are going really well.

Did you have much influence within the music video?
The concept of the video was my idea. I really wanted to do something David Lynch looking around me doing karaoke to my own song in a dive bar, but you can't tell if it's the present or the future or where it's set. I worked with my friend Sasha Rainbow (who also did the electric bones video) in Paris, we had a lot of fun making it.

Your live performances have been described as both ‘raw’ and ‘sexy’, how do you feel about this?
I don't know about sexy... I think the live sound and my performances could be described as raw. I get really into the music when it's played live, sometimes I don't remember what's gone on during a show I just seem to come round sweating in the dressing room. We have 3 guitarists now which seems mental but I love our live sound it's different and more explosive than other set ups I've seen live.

Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever played?
We played in a place called Reunion Island last year, it's a French island near Mauritius. We flew there and there was a typhoon the first night so the festival was cancelled and no one could leave the hotel we were scared we'd flown 10 hours not to play but then it cleared up the day we played and the show was great. The day after we climbed a live volcano. I think that's probably the craziest place we've done a show and one of the best experiences.

You’re playing Liverpool Sound City this year, who will you be hoping to see?
I'd advise anyone there the whole weekend to see Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Flaming Lips and Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger. I'm playing the Sunday so I'm gonna try and catch Belle and Sebastian- I've seen them a few times they're always great live.

Where would we find Findlay in Liverpool?
I always like hanging round Bold Street when I'm in Liverpool and I really liked what I've seen of the Wirral... I'm a Manc though so I can't say too much... Aha! Always love doing shows in Liverpool though there's tons of amazing venues.

Do you have any strange pre-gig rituals?
I always sing to warm up in the toilet (if there is one) backstage before shows, that's become a bit of a ritual for me. Otherwise me and the guys drink whiskey and listen to music, have a little hug before we go on and that's it.

What does the rest of the year hold?

This year for me is all about releasing as much music as possible and whatever leads on from that whether it be shows or collaborations or an album release I'm just excited to have the freedom to do what I want now. I have an incredible band and management so I can't wait to see where I'm gonna be this time next year.

Be sure to catch Findlay take control of The Cargo Stage in conjunction with XFM at this years Sound City.

Lauren Jones


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