Misty Miller

TWENTY-YEAR old Misty Miller has been in the underground business for several years now, producing a ferocious innocence which has recently been exploited in latest EP, Sweet Nothing.

Based in London, Miller has previously shared the stage with the likes of Lucy Rose and Lauren Aquilina, however, under the heavy influence of her musician father, Miller had the perfect foundation to build up her own musical portfolio.

Dropped in February on Sony Music, the five-track EP certainly has the gravitas for a sultry afternoon of heavy consumption.

Stripped back tracks such as  'Petrified' and 'Stars' are spell-bounded by a harrowing vocal, softly enticing itself within a chugging set of chords which resides with artists such as Nick Cave. Accompanied just by her electric guitar, the tracks provide a sacred simplicity, constantly tapping our brains to fluently play with such raw emotions.  The soothing vocalism from Miller gives an almost holy connotation to the tracks, purifying the rough edges that the guitar splices with each fitting note.

This Summer is going to bring us a fantastic new offering from Miller, the promise of a heavily awaited album, slotted amongst several festival slots. This lady has a lengthy career in music ahead of her, sit back and enjoy the ride. 


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