White Arrows

A hybrid of psychedelia and synth-pop disco sounds like a horrific musical car crash, however, LA based trio, White Arrows have achieved quite the opposite - their undeniable futuristic superpowers have given their music an 'edge', one that many artists could only dream of.

Dropping latest single, We Can't Ever Die on 27th April, White Arrows are about to embark on potentially one of the most exciting reveals in this decade of music. With a truly commercial sounding, appealing to even those who are prone to musical snobbery, we are hit with a recreation of  innovation from the early eighties. 

Synth beginnings partner up with a simple head-bopping, lip-biting beat, seducing listeners from the onset. Using technology to their advantage, White Arrows greet us with a sound beyond creativity, rapidly tripping on its own instrumental. Frontman Mickey Church's vocalism brings a spooky individualism similar to that of seventies legend, Marc Bolan. We Can't Ever Die allows an eternal explosion of mind-expanding pandemonium to take over our listening experience, this being clearly explored in the track's accompanying video;  

The track is actually taken from album, In Bardo which is also to be released on 27th April. By releasing We Can't Ever Die to taunt our love for 70s disco tunes, White Arrows are surely a set of genius', either that or they just really have a great sense of music... 


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