GARAGE trio Abjects, originating from London, have been busy proclaiming a sound that our Jarvis Cocker would be proud of. 

The all-female phenomenon consists of Noemi Martinez-Santiago, Yuki Ishii and Alice Notaristefano - three ladies who clearly know how to ruffle some feathers.

Celebrated as sharing similarities with that of punk legends, The Stooges and The Cramps, Abjects have big shoes to fill. 

BUT never fear, as new track, Gone, taken from their EP due for release 11th May, truly is the rebirth of the music industry's most revolutionary genre.

Heavy introductions scream out for the trio, making it their trademark. Gone exploits a set of unruly chords which, with the roaring beat, force the vocals to squark with such fierce animosity. Reviving a dampened guitar, Martinez-Santiago plays a raging solo - grabbing its collar and throwing it about the instrumental, wildly opening up for Notaristefano's tin beats. 

The omnipresent bass from Ishii, acts as the tracks medium, bringing the bloodthirsty sounding back to basics, still making an intense racket which builds continuously until the scuzzed out ending. 

With a European tour racing towards them, Abjects have one busy schedule, playing Flashback Records in London for Record Store Day this Saturday whilst also announcing their EP launch on 1st May at New River Studios. Tickets are £5 and will be available on the door.


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