Young Knives

The world is in turmoil, hit by a catastrophic asteroid shower, the end of human civilisation is nigh, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, all that is left is the corroded sound of, Young Knives.

The trio from Leicestershire set out in 97', originally named Simple Pastoral Existence, they moved to Pony Club in 99' only to change again to Young Knives after signing to their first label, Shifty Disco.

Several years later, notching up several chart placing tracks and a number of renowned festival slots, Young Knives set up their own label; Gadzöök, releasing a carnivorous concoction of post-punk acid shown in latest offering, 'Something Awful'. 

Surfacing 18th May, remaining in the spotlight of their critically acclaimed album, 'Sick Octave', Something Awful screams mass hysteria. Frontman, Henry Dartnall explains how the track is an experiment of our own vulnerability with the lyrics being inspired by his Grandfather's Alzheimer's, exploring the fact that we actually have no control on who we are or can be. 

Dangerously potent, slowing pulsations charge the scuzzed out instrumental. Feeling for the tasty garnish of punk, we are hit with a raw anxiety, rocking our bodies for us, whilst the chords and beats are heavily embedded beneath the Wonka-style paranoia, timidly licked by a twisted vocalism. Pissing on our little, fragile consciences', Something Awful truly is something devilishly terrible yet ridiculously irresistible. 


See them headline this years Chorlton Arts Festival at St Clement's Church venue of the Manchester suburb on Sunday 24th May 2015.

Words Lauren Jones


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