Idle Frets

GO back to 2011, in Chester, the year Idle Frets began. Now, some may say after four years this band should arguably have more to show - yet, the relentless touring and crafting of their sound speaks for itself in latest offering, Aftershow, proving that actually 2015 is the year people will start to take note.

Now travelling between their hometown and Liverpool whilst shaping their line-up, Idle Frets are LIPA grads with a bit more nouse about them.

Latest track, Aftershow, dropped early last month, emboldens the likeability of 'Pop' whilst crafting that iconic 'indie' sound made famous by the likes of Two Door Cinema Club. This description however does not give the track justice, as unlike the 2011 sound of glasto, Idle Frets have produced a tonality much cooler and entirely refreshing.

Hearing the raspy vocalism from front-man Ben Davies compliments a jaunty chord formation from both a lulling bass and guitar, matched by an exciting beat grooves amongst the backdrop of slowed instrumental. Clearly a track with mass commercial capability and one i'd expect to hear on the old tele any time soon.

Check them out supporting Fallows at Chester Live on 12th June.

Lauren Jones


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