Loyle Carner

LONDON based rapper, Loyle Carner is a young talent that hasn't gone unnoticed in recent months.

Exploring terribly raw emotions throughout his tracks has struck chords with many of his doting listeners.

Working in the past with the likes of Kate Tempest, Carner has surrounded himself with timeless artistry which compliments his own.

New track, Mufasa, produced by CoryaYo, explores an ethereal numbness, filled with a deeply set narrative, taunting a slick instrumental which compliments the following beat. There is a sheer eloquence and ferocity that spits from each flick of Carner's tongue. An undeniably cool vocalism proves how this music is totally ahead of its time, Carner becoming the figure of a much needed mass movement.

There is no doubt this track is perfect listening material to chill out to.

Picked to play this years Sound City Festival, The Music Manual wanted to find out more about the UK's latest musical prodigy.

When did it become apparent that music was what you were destined to do?
Don’t think it has yet, i’ve always wanted to be a writer in some form or another but i didn’t ever think i’d get away with being a rapper.

How did your latest track, Mufasa come about?
Juggling a lot of family stuff and trying to make sense of it.

You’re from London, is there really enough being done to help young musicians in the city?
I’ve come across a few brilliant youth centres with studios recently, but I still feel like more could be done especially at school level. Some free studio time wouldn’t go a miss either.

I read in an article you sent a track off to your younger brother to listen to the track, is he your toughest critic?
I’d say so, him and my Mum

How did you find Liverpool last time you were here?
Loved it, finally got to wear my LFC top without getting dodgy looks. YNWA

Have you got anything planned when you return for Liverpool Sound City?
Yeah man, hopefully i’ll make it to a liverpool game.

Who would you recommend going to see at the festival?
George the poet, Flo morrisey and Stormzy

Are there any other festival dates this Summer?
Yeah, Reading and Leeds, Love saves the day, great escape, bliss fields green man

Lauren Jones


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