IN it's fourth year, Festevol returns for the final time at Liverpool's finest venue, The Kazimier.

To celebrate the journey that local promoters, EVOL and The Kazimier have embarked on together, we've been given not one but TWO spectacular days of music spread over two weekends with the first being this Saturday, August 1st. 

Part One boats a list of exceptional artists with ties to the city with Dave McCabe & The Ramifications being headliners and newcomers such as Tiger Tribe promising to make a one jungle sized impression on the large crowds expected to say farewell to the setting they know and love.

Eager to join in on the buzz, The Music Manual is here to tell you who we're most looking forward to seeing...

The Serpent Power

A hybrid of The Coral and The Zutons, The Serpent Power are arguably the hottest psychedelic duo of the century, providing a kooky, unsettling soundtrack to what would be a personal journey throughout every hallucinogenic under the sun. Their debut album, Lucifer's Dreambox was released on 4th May with tracks such as Vampire For Your Love and The Siren all sure to be broadcast at the event. 


Sweetening harmonies flow effortlessly from local quintet, Cavalry. Releasing latest track, An Understanding back in May, they received a flurry of press, highlighting a similarity towards artists such as Buffalo Springfield with a sprinkle of modern-day synthetics. Slickly polished with an Americana-folk vibe all the while keeping their local identity intact. Be sure to listen out for tracks An Understanding and Lament.


Together now for five-years, Seprona still haunt the scene with their bottomless melodies and roaring beats. Playing this years Sound City, Seprona seem to be making more waves in Liverpool like never before, recently releasing track, Street Lights to commemorate their involvement within the dockland super-event. Watch out for their honest instrumental and subdued genius, you'll be captivated on the spot.

Sophie Anderson 

Local songstress, Sophie Anderson is set to become the city's latest female artisan to take over the long-overdue space left for women to take control. There's no lie that the music industry is a predominantly male business but ladies who shine through this are always tipped for high success, this is no-less of the truth for this blues musician. Recently performing on Bay TV and gaining a multitude of shows around Liverpool, this lady is definitely one to watch. Listen to tracks such as Healerman to prepare yourself for Saturday.

Lauren Jones

The Sundowners 

Merseyside favourites The Sundowners will be rocking up at the event coming off the back of their nationally acclaimed debut self-titled record and slots at festivals such as  Sound City and Isle Of Wight. Beware of their return to the site of their Febuary triumph, The Kazimier. Expect harmonies, tambourines and riffs aplenty! Keep an eye out for tracks such as Medicine and If Wishes Were Horses.

She Drew The Gun 

Fronted by Louisa Roach, She Drew The Gun is a quartet that have been tipped by many musos as one to watch on the local scene this year. After taking a folk-psych trip on debut release, If You Could See, there'll be one hell of an atmosphere during their set. Tunes such as  Since You Were Not Mine.

The Jackobins 

Taking time out from touring the length and breadth of the UK, The Jackobins will have freshly arrived from a set at Gullivers in Manchester the night before, to provide yet another jam-packed set, many do not tire for. Expect front-man, Dominic Bassnett to join you in the crowd, climb on anything nearby and most certainly have you singing along to tracks from their debut EP, 'Ghosts' with nods towards their latest single,'Waiting On The Sun'.


With catchy, groovy basslines topped with synths and beats you'll remember, we have ETCHES who are set to bring their love for intricate electronic elements to The Kazimier. Previous releases such as 'David' and 'Ice Cream Dream Machine'  give you a snippet of the sheer velocity and variety of their sound. Their set is sure to be a fascinating one.

Jake Marley

Tickets are £15 and are available here. Stay tuned for part 2 of FestEvol's Music Manual takeover.

WORDS Lauren Jones and Jake Marley


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