Rum Thief

RUM Thief is the gritty alter ego of Manchester’s own emerging talent, Jot Green. 
Green developed Rum Thief’s first EP ‘Clouded Mind’ as a solo project after playing as a drummer in numerous bands over the course of a decade. 
Voicing backings and lead, also preforming guitar and drums on each track, the man must be highly commended for his clear sense of passion and drive.      
However, it’s no wonder a little help from some ex band mates was needed to secure festival slots and local gigs as the buzz around the daring artisan has amplified.
'Reach for the Weather Man' is Rum Thief's second EP, playing host to tracks that bark with attitude. Green's vocalism hits hard, with an essence of early Arctic Monkeys angst.
Driven by a razor sharp riff, track ‘Dirty Shoe’s’ is punchy and perfectly unapologetic. The song proficiently reflects upon prejudice and stigmas of today’s society. These concepts have been so cleverly captured throughout the tracklisting, leaving us, as the listener, in a state of total admiration and awe, all-the-while still finding the soul to chant along.
With both EPs packing a punch, is it any wonder we question when will an album be on the horizon? Want to see Rum Thief live? Check them out on 21st August at Night & Day Manchester.

Helaena Williamson


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