CONSISTING of co-vocalists, Richie Skint and Harvey Lee, Alibis are the latest offering from Mansion Artists.

Based in London, the twenty-two year old duo had bog-standard jobs in both the roofing and insurance industry before being introduced to each-other, subsequently leading to the beginning of Alibis in 2014.

Their musical career is almost one dealt only from fate, from their chance introduction to their flip of a coin to see who would take position as lead or rhythm guitar.

This wicked twist of fate has left us with potentially one of the most heart-felt sounds of 2015, bringing a tear to many an eye upon hearing latest track, Only Time.

Taken from their debut EP, Home Truths, the track is full of weight, with a roughening, beautiful vocalism, sprinkled with a husky harmony - soothing the strictly guitar based instrumental. Telling a melancholic and devoted tale of a love lost, it beckons a solemn but reassuring perspective from an older self. Reportedly written, recorded and filmed in Skint's bedroom, the pair have a rather do-it-yourself attitude when it comes to their craft, which is unequivocally left undisputed when listening to the gorgeous Only Time.

If musicians had access to liquid gold, this is what it would sound like.

And thus, a new pair of songwriter genius' were born. 

Lauren Jones


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