The Revolutionary Spirit

PSYCHEDELIC-blues quartet, The Revolutionary Spirit, dropped their debut EP, Barrowmore on 20th June to a small pitter-patter of overjoyed music fanatics.

Hailing from Wrexham, these four guys create a sound so powerfully meaningful, The Music Manual was moved by the sheer ferocity the track-listing oozes.

Sharing slots with the likes of S.C.U.M and TOY, The Revolutionary Spirit have gained quite the reputation, not to mention the eyes and ears of Simon Jones, the legendary bass-player of the Verve, who subsequently produced this latest offering.

Barrowmore has used a number of influences from over a multitude of decades, with hints from Nirvana to John Lennon, each track has something for fans of any era. Front-man Josh Page uses a raspy vocalism to define a genuine exuberance over the instrumental which is paired wondrously to guitarist James Tindle's guitar proclamation, fully submersing listeners into a haze of a chord induced coma.

Introductory track, Find My Way opens the EP poignantly, electrified guitar and a hefty beat sets up for the slightly more grunge offering, Losing My Mind. Jesus is more of a late 70s glam-rock infused brew of T.Rex and post-punk groans, whilst Anytime grows with each passing second, starting off sombre to age maturely, working like wine to become even more potently desirable. They are most definitely a top secret treasure just waiting to be discovered.

Words Lauren Jones


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