Bandito Rey

BANDITO REY (translation: Bandit King) are one particular quartet that are hoping to reign over Liverpool with their latest offering, Juicy Fruit.

Since launching their single in mid-July at the Scandinavian Church, Bandito Rey’s schedule has been glittered with radio appearances on BBC Introducing and BBC Wales; with Juicy Fruit being played by radio stations in Europe and the US.

All in bands previously, the beginning trio began to write songs together, but required a singer, which is where Ioan Llewelyn was introduced by Ward.

Juicy fruit moves and pounds with high velocity, twanging guitars, echoing vocals and smashing drums manifesting to make this track truly electric. The slightly grunge anthem is a powerful stand alone song, and in comparison to their other tracks just demonstrates the bands varying spectrum.

Words Siobhan Corcoran 


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