Flying Vinyl

BASED in London and creation of Craig Evans, a little company named Flying Vinyl sprung to life early this year 'for analogue kids who are living in a digital age'.

Vinyl is a concept many thought had been laid to rest. The rapid decline of records in the late eighties, early nineties, made way for the shiny format of the CD.

Now seemingly uncovered as a ploy from stockists to push us into the new digital era, vinyl stocks were purposely depreciated, that was, until now.

The resurgence of buying a physical art-form is increasing day-by-day with artists such as Jack White championing sales made by the original vinyl era.

The concept of Flying Vinyl is very simple, the latest music get's treated with utmost respect, being printed exclusively on a beautiful 7" vinyl. Subscribers receive a total of five single's a month complete with merchandise and an A6 booklet.

If you're an artist, you can submit your music, if you're a listener, you can pay a fee of £20 to get the very best music sent straight to your door! Want to know more? Read on to see our interview with Mr Evans himself...

How did the idea of Flying Vinyl come about?

My background’s in digital marketing in the music industry and I was looking at how we could better connect listeners with new music whilst holding a copy of Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. It feels like people connect with vinyl in a far more intimate way than with digital music and I was just thinking if only we could get more new music onto vinyl to people who really care it would be great.

Can artists approach you if they want to be a part of it?

We allow anyone to submit music and do listen to everything we get sent. The concept really doesn’t discriminate against artists at any level, whether you’re signed or independent and I’d hate for us to ever let the selection process become anything like it is at national radio for example. We don’t care about anything other than that the music is good and fits with what our members like, nothing else really matters.

Where do you want Flying Vinyl to be in the next five years?

I want us to continue to be a completely independent place where true new music enthusiasts can get the best new music exclusively released on wax. I think the big development is to get more people involved around the world and be at the forefront of the vinyl revolution over the next five years.

How big a comeback is vinyl really making?

It’s making a massive comeback considering that less than five years ago the market for vinyl was worth about £3 million per year and now that’s more like £20 million. You’ve also got more and more bands putting out their music on the format and that’s encouraging people to buy something on vinyl for the first time and then becoming a long-term collector.

Do you get to keep the vinyl after purchasing?

Yes our members get to keep all of our releases. We’ve heard of the whole ‘rental model’ and it seems kind of strange because vinyl’s something that you love and cherish forever and keep in your loft and pass onto your kids so the idea of having to give it back seems a bit mad!

What bands have your attention at the moment?

Well here’s a selection of some artists that we’re working with currently who we really think are putting out the most cutting edge music going: Eaves, Moon King, Theo Verney, The Magic Gang, Kid Wave, The Big Moon, Meadowlark, Kagoule, The Vryll Society, The Amazons.


How can we sign up?!

You can head to and go to the sign-up page, it’ll ask you for some basic information and then you’ll be part of the club! It’s £20 per month with free UK delivery and each box contains five records, a booklet with information about the artists and a piece of merchandise.

Words Lauren Jones


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