Hidden Charms

HIDDEN Charms are a beat group so authentic, you'd mistaken them for walking straight out of the 60s.

London based, and signed to Deltasonic, the foursome work with blues rhythm to create a nostalgic yet fresh rock feel.

Double A-side, Dreaming Of Another Girl / Long Way Down, is brimming with attitude, filled with a moody vocalism and confident chords.

Dreaming Of Another Girl oozes sexual tension, with boisterous intent as throaty vocals meet wailing guitars in the middle of a catchy cocktail.

And with tracks produced by Shel Talmy, who has a back-catalogue of the likes of The Who and The Kinks, it is plain to see why this much talked about quartet are destined for big things in high places in the not so distant future.

Words by Jake Marley


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