Kill West

BUENOS AIRES born Kill West are a quintet rapidly becoming a favourite on the psychedelic-rock circuit.

After the recent release of their debut album, Smoke Beach on Crang Records, Kill West are building a rapport that would make some of the UK's most sought after shoegaze artists quiver.

Gaining reviews from the likes of the New York Times and Drowned in Sound, the fivesome have been gaining support from all over the globe - just listening to their sultry 60s synthesisers explain why.

Tracks such as Neon Cross, ripple out of an acid trip. The weighty chord introduction from Franco Beceiro and Martin Valentini, is heavily based on the works of Jack White. Crafty and highly ingenuitive, a robust beat follows from drummer, Nicolás Miele complimented by Joel Menazzi's head rocking bass thumps. The all important out-of-this-world synthetics are applied by Key and Drone maestro, Mariano Miele, forcing the track, not to mention the listener, into a spiralling hypnosis of all things anomalous.

Beceiro's vocals are drowned out to stimulate an almost godly being, hitting hard as they suggest a personal relationship with the receiver.

With the vinyl pressing becoming available on 16th October, you best had get your copy, they'll be running out fast.

Words Lauren Jones


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