Indigo Moon

WITH a strong female lead in the shape of local songstress, Ashley Colley, Liverpool based quintet Indigo Moon have been exhuming a transcendent psychedelia, witchy but tantalisingly exciting.

Starting out a couple of years ago, Indigo Moon have been busy building a mean profile on the local circuit, supporting the likes of Blues Pills and featuring in regional press.

If you're unfamiliar with their work, then be sure to check out previous tracks from the fivesome such as, A Cloud Of Strange Events and Games.

Released last month, latest song Uncertain, is the first track to be dropped from Indigo Moon's upcoming self-titled EP.

Acting like a film's closing music, Uncertain encapsulates us within a burgeoning instrumental. Colley's effortless vocalism purrs, prowling amongst a timid rolling beat and hypnotic array of chords, only to then roar along with the emphatic chorus. It is this vicious purity that cuts the hardest through their clouded sound. Guitarists, Adam Dixon and Brad Malbon tease their strings, making minor appearances to frame the lyrics and hold the instrumental steady for Cus' modest drum rolls. The pieces are fittingly tied together by Hannah Lodge's bass, giving a thumping lull to proceedings. Give the track a listen below.

Exciting times are ahead if you're Indigo Moon.

Words Lauren Jones


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