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PREMIERING track, It's Not Rock & Roll, on Clash Music today, Swansea trio, Trampolene are at the forefront of new-wave noughties rock tinted with an anarchist songbook.

Along with the track, we've been told to eagerly await their latest mini album, Pocket Album Three, which is to be released courtesy of Mi7 Records on 2nd October.

The album features four-tracks, accompanied by one poem, Ketamine. Written by front-man Jack Jones, Ketamine shares stark resemblance to workings of Salford born, punk-poet legend, John Cooper Clarke.

To coincide with It's Not Rock & Roll, the threesome have teamed up with This Feeling to announce five shows, commencing 29th August at Brighton's Hope & Ruin to end 26th September at The Exchange, Bristol.

Portraying itself as mean and boisterous, the track is venomous, only culled by a set of harmonies in sulking in background. Jones' vocalism races through his guitar chords like a storm, ripping up, causing chaos as it assaults along the uneven pace from drummer, Rob Steele. Partnering with bassist, Wayne Thomas, the beat thrusts with every punch felt from the savage lyricism, making this track one perfect for pre-night out drinks.

Devouring a mixture of garage rock 'n' roll, Trampolene are going to be the name on everyone's lips soon. The Music Manual grabbed an interview with Jones to reveal a little more about the rowdy trio...

Was the Trampolene beginning ever planned?

It was and it wasn't. We left home to make something with our band - that was planned, but everything came after was a bit spontaneous.

Where did you play your first gig?

It was in Dunvant social club - where all the under-age, unhappy and uninterested teenagers went.

How do you find being a trio is compared with a quartet?

I have never been in a quartet, so I can't really answer that question - but I imagine it's better as a trio because there are less people to argue with.

You've recently featured on Fred Perry Subculture, how's this been for you?

It's been amazing - such wonderful people and they gave us some clothes, which was good because I still haven't figured out how to use the washing machine.

What was it like supporting the legendary Buzzcocks?

Privilege. The crowd was awesome.

Is there anyone you'd love to work with?

Patti Smith would be my first choice. I saw her at Glastonbury and she knocked me out.

You released your first record out in Japan, are there any pointers you can give to other musicians looking to make this step?

Not really, it came from the people there - just be good to your followers all over the world and see what happens.

Can you dish any gossip on your fellow members?

Rob is addicted to Instagram and Wayne is addicted to eggs.

You have a mini album coming in October, what should we expect from that?

4 songs and a poem - all lovingly crafted in the shape of our flat.

What's next for Trampolene?

We're going on tour in September - put together by This Feeling, XFM & Jack Daniels...after that who knows...we'll see.

Be sure to pre-order Pocket Album Three on iTunes now and get your copy of It's Not Rock & Roll here.

Words Lauren Jones


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